3 Golden Rules of Achieving Right Goals For a Happier life

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Everyone is born with his unique strengths and potentials; he only needs to identify them to be the ‘One’.

However, the picture isn’t the same on both sides. The one side shows your current “BEING”, and the other side shows what you want to become.

Which side of the portrait do you want to be on?

Honestly, It totally depends upon how much efficiently you thrive to achieve your dream goals.

Have you ever seen a toddler trying to take his first baby steps?

First off, he’s afraid of taking his first steps because he doesn’t trust on his foot’s strength, he falls off repeatedly.

Then he eventually learns self-assurance and consistently tries to get up and walk on his own feet

Finally, he gets the triumph of standing and walking on his feet.

Life has taught its first lesson!

Believe in your strength, stand tall, and do it efficiently and consistently until you succeed in achieving your goals.

Unfortunately, as we grow up, we forget this rule of thumb. You can indeed achieve your dream goals if you implement this strategy in your life. And you can train your mind to develop this skill to achieve these dream goals.

Believe it or not!

Recognizing your real strengths and preferences and training your mind in the right direction can help in re-designing your life, leaving you more contented and happier in your life.

This is the #1 skill to train yourself how to bring happiness in your life by achieving the right goals more efficiently and consistently.

No matter what challenges are you facing now, you are still able to discover that you have missed for years by mastering this #1 skill of training your mind to get the right goal.

Just follow these Golden Rules to achieve the right goals for a more happy and contented life.

1. Choose the Right Goal

Your goals should be based on these four assessments.

· Personal interest: do you have a deep level sensation that it is something I would genuinely love to do?

· Compliment skill: does this goal compliment my priorities and overall life goals, and do I have the right skillset.

· Long term results: will I actually be able to do it long-term with sustainable results or not?

· Habits: you should be able to develop sensible habits based on skills, the right set of knowledge, and interest to let you achieve the right goals.

2. Prepare yourself for the transformation

Living without a purpose can bring discomfort leading to dissatisfaction in your life. You have to identify and acknowledge what is the underlying cause of this discomfort because most of the time, it’s the same underlying cause that’s behind almost all problems in your life. Then prepare yourself for the transformation. If you are Stern about achieving your dream goals, then identify those bad habits that you know should be avoided and focus on building Keystone habits. In architecture, the keystone is the base stone that supports all other stones on their place. So, you will be focusing on developing the keystone habits by managing overall time efficiently and consistently. Get yourself closer to the environment that helps you in focusing on your goals. Work as an organized warrior who always declutters himself from those things which make him lose focus.

3. Focus on Self-management skills

Self-management is the foremost skill in achieving your goals. Spend some time with people who inspire you. This will keep you motivated for your goal. Another astonishing fact is that most of the successful people have some common traits, like they organize and prioritize their planning, spend time on meditation or exercise. They are an early riser and build a habit to rise early. Also, they never stop acquiring knowledge, and most of them read for pleasure.

The bottom line is whatever challenges or state of mind you are in, believe me; it’s still possible to achieve it right now by acquiring the #1 skill of training yourself in the right direction. You only need to take the first steps and believe in yourself; the rest will be assured by implementing this skill in your life successfully.




A passionate writer, SEO expert and enthusiastic traveler

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iram s

iram s

A passionate writer, SEO expert and enthusiastic traveler

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